2011 Tribal Youth Media Videos

Bad River Indian Reservation

Wild Rice and Water Pollution...

Ian and Amy worked well together. Ian has a knack for understanding elder concerns. Amy is a whiz with the camera and editing software. They are both soft-spoken but deliver an easy to understand message in their video. "Wild Rice and Mining Concerns in the Great Lakes Region", Produced by Ian and Amy at the Bad River Field and Film School, 2011.

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The Real Impacts...

Jade and Marilyn brought wonderful energy and humor to the group. Marilyn's steady hand with the camera captured some of the best footage. Jade's determination at the editing phase made a tremendous impact. They bring us, "The Real Impacts of Water Pollution from the Proposed Mine", Produced by Jade and Marilyn at the Bad River Field and Film School, 2011.

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Days of Our Lives: Bad River

From Michelle, Detrea, and Marissa at the 2011 Tribal Youth Media program at the Bad River Indian Reservation in Wisconsin. These three sisters worked right up until the end to pull it together. They are very mature and added to the final presentations with a thoughtful speech and letter written to thank the coordinators of the program.

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The Effects of Mining

Lacey and Zoey produced this clip about possible mining effects on the Bad River resources and the Great Lakes. They worked very well together and overcame numerous technical difficulties in order to pull it all together.

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Save the Water...

Shania Jackson worked solo on this production. She was thoughtful, professional, and independent. Her final piece came together perfectly in time for the community presentation. Well done!

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