Dress in Pink, Wear a Rainbow or a Flower, or Both

The climate of hate and bigotry is the fascist’s greatest weapon. They create a climate in which we fear the neighbor we always thought was nice and equally loyal to Republic. They divide us by making us fear the other so we can turn a blind eye when they refuse to recognize the same human and civil rights of the other. It happened in Nazi Germany, then Europe and yes, even the U.S.. We fight the climate of hate by creating a climate of acceptance. Without visible and clear symbols of love and tolerance, a ‘neutral’ dress and household becomes a mystery. If there is no Nazi or Confederate flag hanging outside the front stoop, are the people inside secretly adopting a ‘turn the other cheek’ attitude? Will they be complicit to the fascist regime or resist? Neutral, or NO VISIBLE AFFILIATION, will benefit the fascists and adds to the climate of bigotry simply by remaining silent.

So, hang a flag– a Rainbow flag or a Peace flag. Wear a pin, a pink hat, a crumbling swastika, anything that tells anyone who sees it that you ARE NOT complicit and neutral. Fight the hate with symbolic resistance.

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