2012: The Bad River Reservation

After two successful years at the Lac Courte Oreille Reservation, in 2011 the Tribal Youth Media project moved to the manoomin-rich Bad River Reservation near Ashland, Wisconsin. It was very exciting. It was also the first time two programs ran concurrently: a Global Health Field Course and the Youth Media program. In 2012, the joint effort continued at Bad River. The combination of inqiring undergraduate students with eager tribal teens once again made for a rich, diverse, and highly productive week in August. This video is the result of the youth effort to combine rich native storytelling with video production--all within a context of traditional ecological knowledge.

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Native teens learn to make environmental movies that matter to their community.


Making movies is storytelling

Storytellers have always had an important role in Native cultures. Meet the next generation.


Traditional Ecological Knowledge

The Ojibwe have a special way of knowing their environment. It comes from living amidst the Great Lakes for centuries.


Caring for the Environment

From wild rice to the wildlife, everything is important. "Water is the life blood for our Mother, the Earth."

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2011 Tribal Youth Media Movies

With mining concerns looming, the 2011 youth knew all the right questions. We spent a week at the Bad River Indian Reservation on the south shore.

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Video Archives

At the Lac Courte Oreille Tribal College, dozens of young filmmakers from LCO immersed themselves in an all-Ojibwe media school.

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Well Documented


Teaching science via movie making is rewarding and motivating. Tribal youth are in a unique position to benefit from this strategy.

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The Ojibwe Environment

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Wild rice, sugar bush, walleye, the Great Lakes and more all play enormous roles in the daily life of the Ojibwe. Even small threats are serious.

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"The greatest part of today, was watching the videos the youth group students made. Seeing how excited they were to show their families and friends who attended was priceless. The sweetest part of the video showing was at the end; one of the students stood up and thanked everyone who was a part of helping and teaching them how to use the video equipment. It was really meaningful and it was a really mature thing for her to do."

Global Health Field Course participant.